Kwaw kese will come out renewed and reformed – obrafour

Kwaw kese will come out renewed and reformed – obrafour

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“Kwaw actually told me that he had come to accept his fate and looking forward to the day that he will gain his freedom and I think he wants to set a good example for the others.

“Sometimes, people need to go through certain things to learn their lessons. Who knows, he has to turn a new leaf and this is what he has to go through to make him a better individual so we are hoping that a good change will come and Abodam as we all know and whatever perception you may have had about him, you find a good thing to say about him when he comes out renewed and reformed.


“It is not about freeing Kwaw Kese, it is about a pardon for Kwaw Kese. As we all know smoking in public places or smoking Indian hemp is an offence so let us all rather join in a plea to pardon him and I think in that way we can be doing the right thing than pushing for a #FreeKwawKese movement which seems as though we are coercing the police to do what we want.”

– Obrafour. Quotes from an interview he granted Starr FM




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