Let’s Promote Talent Than Pay Attention To ‘Waste’ – Epixode

Let’s Promote Talent Than Pay Attention To ‘Waste’ – Epixode

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Every now and then artistes pull off publicity stunts just to get to be in the news and they do not mind what extent they go with the act.

Some artistes fake accidents, marriage proposals on stage, pretending to be fighting with partners, deleting social media accounts, among others.

Speaking on Zylofon FM, Epixode said he believes Fantana’s wardrobe malfunction was staged and that staging anything to get acts in the news only promotes ‘waste’ instead of talent.

“I think that some of these things actually also don’t paint a good picture when it comes to us because then we end up encouraging bad stuff, encouraging waste rather than focusing on the talent. Because then Nigeria, other countries are feeding the world with good stuff, amazing concerts,” he said

He added that Shatta Wale needed all the attention after the launch of his event but the glory has been stolen by the happenings.

“We need to actually celebrate Wale the whole of the week till next month and then the rest. Hard enough I think Wizkid also had a concert that day and it was trending all over but still we need to celebrate ours so why would some of these news actually headline when we have to celebrate the main cause of the happening,” he added

He advised that time is not wasted on some of the things that are in the news and rather give attention to acts who deserve it.

“I think it’s high time we actually pay attention to some of these things. We waste time actually giving all hype to some of these things. There are so many artistes out there who would even need this little time to actually express their talent and get heard,” he concluded.

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