Let’s Stop The One-Way Genre And Grow Ghana Music – Magnom

Let’s Stop The One-Way Genre And Grow Ghana Music – Magnom

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Artiste and producer, Joseph Bulley, popularly known as Magnom says his fellow artistes, DJs, presenters and other stakeholders in the music industry are not playing their roles to help grow it.

According to him, only a few genres of music are being played locally in spite of there being different and many genres available.

“Artistes who do different genres like strapped music, dancehall, other genres EDM and all, don’t get heard, it’s just the hi-life kind of songs that are being heard,” he said.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the producer stressed that many artistes are fond of switching off to sounds that they are trending, saying “I have been producing for like 12 years. I have worked with so many artistes, everybody is trying to do the sound that is being heard, if the sound switches right now everybody will switch to that sound, even the hottest artistes, even the old artistes that are coming back, will want to do the same thing”.

Magnom said the songs that dominate on radio, television and other mediums are songs people hear which influence the production of a new song.

“They are people who want to enjoy different genres. I feel that is why Ghana music is not really going anywhere because what we are playing is what we do like.”

The ‘My Baby’ hit maker said listening to radio, one gets the impression that only hi-life music is played in Ghana with almost all the songs sounding the same. 

Magnom added that artistes should target taking Ghana music to world rather than comparing itself to Nigeria.

“If Nigeria is the benchmark then we have failed. Forget about Nigeria because we are talking about going to the world and the world is on a different level,” he said.

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