Life Is GOOD – #JumiaBlackFriday2018

Life Is GOOD – #JumiaBlackFriday2018

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Shop for nothing, Travel for less and Eat for free !!!

You may have seen or heard about the new wave in town. Everyone seems to be talking about it. Some say it’s true, others are firm on the notion that it’s a hoax. Hoax or truth, Black Friday is here with us. It’s a period where everything is discounted. Black Friday is a globally celebrated shopping festival with its roots found in the USA and Europe. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and offers everyone a unique opportunity to buy everything they have planned for all year round at mind-blowing discounted prices. For those who can’t or won’t wait for a year, sites like exist and they make it much easier to get year-round bargains. Because of its amazing nature, Africa embraced it and today all over Africa, Black Friday is a much-anticipated shopping festival. In Ghana, Jumia has been at the forefront of championing this cause and providing online shoppers a super experience of huge discounts and amazing prices on various products and services. Black Friday has been celebrated in Ghana for the past 4 years and this year, Jumia promises to make it even more exciting. Jumia, Ghana’s leading online retail company with food delivery and travel booking services delves deeper into what customers can expect this Black Friday season.

All the world over, Black Friday is just one big day of shopping and everyone is thrown into a frenzy. People are in a rush to buy items before they run out of stock. Everyone is busy and there is so much chaos in stores and online portals. Jumia has decided to give customers ample time to analyze their needs, go through products and services before making their orders. In view of this, on Jumia, #It’sBlackFridayEveryDay. From 16th November through to 7th December 2018, customers have time to enjoy these Black Friday deals and shop from over 50,000 products while enjoying discounts of up to 80% across all categories. These deals run all through the festival but that’s not all. Each Friday during this season, there are explosive deals better than what you get all through the week. On 16th Nov, 23rd Nov, 30th Nov and 7th Dec, enjoy the best of the best deals on all items with super explosive discounts on selected products. You won’t find better deals anywhere else.

What’s more? Jumia is offering exciting rewards to its loyal customers through a series of fun shopping activities. Heard of the Flash Sale, Treasure Hunt and THE BIG BANG FRIDAY?

BIG BANG FRIDAY : All round the world, Friday 23rd November 2018 is going to be celebrated as ‘’Black Friday’’. In Ghana, although Jumia offers amazing discounts all through its 22 day Black Friday festival, this day is going to be special as well. Hence the name ‘’Big Bang Friday’’.

On this day, Jumia is offering crazily low prices on all items on it’s website. So low you can buy your favorite electronics, mobile phones, fashion items and beauty products at close to nothing. BIG BANG FRIDAY starts with a midnight treasure hunt of the famous Iphone XS at 99%. Unreal as it sounds, it has been proven as true. A couple of customers enjoyed the super extraordinary discount last week when they bought refrigerators, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and a 49’’ LG curved TV at a massive 99% OFF. You better believe quickly and don’t be left out, others are enjoying!

The day continues with a voucher Rain between 5AM and 8AM where customers win different voucher amounts with limited quantities and only available on the Jumia APP which can be downloaded on google playstore for android users and appstore for apple users. These vouchers are only active between 5-8 AM on Friday. Then there is the BIG one. From 9AM , there will be flash sales where customers can get the iPhone X FS at 50% OFF from 9AM to 3PM. Every 2 hours, one iphone X FS goes for ½ it’s original price. What about the android users? From 10AM, The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will also be available on the Treasure Hunt at 99% OFF. One phone will be won every 2 hours from 10AM to 4PM. WOW!

After this, there will be a voucher Rain RELOADED from 5PM to 8PM with different voucher amounts,limited quantities and only available on the APP also active between 5 – 8PM. The day ends with a last flash sale at 9PM where the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge goes at 50% OFF. Catch your breath! It’s raining discounts and vouchers everywhere on Jumia this BIG BANG FRIDAY. #JumiaBlackFriday2018

But wait! That’s not all Jumia has to offer. Travelling? There are super mega deals for you too.

From the 2nd of November to the 30th of November enjoy unimaginable discounts on all hotels up to 70% OFF. Visit and browse through a wide range of hotels from leisure to business. Get an extra 30% OFF when you use the voucher code BLACKF30 at checkout. There are crazy discounts on flights and tour packages as well. Get the full Dubai package for as low as $1600 including flights, accommodation in a 4 star hotel with breakfast, tours and travel insurance. Guess what? You spend 1 full day touring Kenya and an extra 5 nights in Dubai with this Black Friday package from Jumia Travel. EXTRAORDINARY!!!

It’s the holiday season and it’s time to rest and relax. Why not check out Aqua Safari Resort at Ghc 550 (31% OFF), Sogakope Beach Resort at Ghc 306 (56% OFF) and M Suites Hotel at $68 (60% OFF). There are many other super deals to choose from. You have no excuse to have a boring end of year!

Hold on! Before you shop and travel, you need to eat right? It gets even better with Jumia Food.

On, you enjoy mouthwatering deals up to 50% OFF. No more hunger games! Enjoy so many delicious meals at whooping discounts from November 15 to December 1st on Jumia Food,

When last did you hear about ‘’Buy-one-get-one-free’’ ? Yes! You get that on the whole menu when you order from BBQ Bistro by Samantha’s. Also get 50% off whole menu at Burger & Relish and XO restaurants. During this Black Friday season, you also get 30% off whole menu at Soul Restaurant and Cafe Kwae restaurants. You must be salivating by now right? We are just not done yet. For pizza lovers, Frankies gives you 30% off all pizzas. It’s just super! Discounts everywhere.

Now relax, pick your phone and download the Jumia apps. Get on that laptop, ipad, tablet or desktop and get ready for non-stop discounts. For more information about this mega sale, visit Jumia Ghana’s social Media pages (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) or visit the website.

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