Medikal Dating Fella Makafui Because Of Her Businesses – Rosemond Brown Claims

Medikal Dating Fella Makafui Because Of Her Businesses – Rosemond Brown Claims

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Controversial actress Rosemond Brown has questioned Rapper Medikal’s true intention for dating Fella Makafui.

Rosemond Brown wondered why Medikal never wanted Fella Makafui until she opened many businesses.

According to her, but for her prowess in business, Medikal would never date Fella Makafui for anything.

She added that Fella must be alert because Medikal had no good intention for coming into her life.

Rosemond was speaking in an exclusive interview with on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

“Why is it that when Fella started excelling and opening more businesses that Medikal decided to go and date her?” “He claims he has known her for five years so why didn’t he date her then? Was it because Fella was a nobody? But now that she has become popular and a good business owner, all of a sudden Medikal has left Deborah Vanessa for her?” she queried.

Rosemond added that she admired Fella Makafui so much for being a smart girl, therefore, it would pain her to see Fella suffer in the hands of Medikal. She further advised Fella Makafui not to put what she described as ‘strictly private’ things on social media.

According to her, a video of Fella and Medikal kissing in bed that went viral was not the best, therefore Fella should resist the temptation of doing that next time.

“Fella Makafui is not the first and last person to snatch someone’s boyfriend. She is a young girl and Medikal was also not married so no problem, however, the way she goes about the relationship is the issue, like the [kissing] video she shared. I don’t want her to do anything she would later regret,” Rosemond Brown said.

Meanwhile, the actress has revealed that amount of money she is paid for featuring in a movie. In an earlier report by, Rosemond Brown said the highest pay she had received so far was GH?2,500 while the lowest was GH?1,000.






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