Meet three more Big Brother Hotshot contestants

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Namibia – Permithias – Age: 25

Professional sushi chef Permithias unsurprisingly lists sushi as one of his favourite foods, alongside pizza. He doesn’t have a favourite book, but enjoys watching The Originals on TV. A fan of animation, Permithias’ favourite films are Turbo and Happy Feet, while he also likes the music of Chris Brown, James Blunt and Joe Tomas.

His mom is his role model, because she provided for the family with ‘nothing but blood, sweat and tears’. He is the eldest of five children;he has three sisters and a brother. Permithias says that becoming a chef is his greatest achievement so far, because it ‘opened a window’ for himself and his family

He was inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots because he’s been watching the show for years but won’t sell his soul or lose his self-worth in the process. Asked how he feels knowing that the whole continent will be watching him 24/7, he says: ‘scared, but it will all come together the way it should’. If he wins, he’ll take care of his Mom and open his own restaurant.

Permithias says he’s easy-going, open-minded and ‘down for whatever is fun’ and enjoys others who are also open-minded.

South Africa
Age: 24


Nhlanhla is from Witbank in South Africa, and is a Business Analyst, Actor and Model with an Honours degree in Information Systems. He loves fresh butternut soup, lamb shank & vegetables and cottage cheese pie. His favourite books include Animal Farm and The Great Gatsby and he enjoys Game of Thrones, Shameless, Suits and Heroes on TV. He lists Brad Pitt and Will Smith as two of his favourite actors.

His favourite place in South Africa is the Groenkloof Nature Reserve in Pretoria and the best things about the continent as a whole are the people and their strength & resilience. Amsterdam made a big impression on him at a young age when he went there and learnt a lot about himself and personal growth.

His mother is his role model, because she sacrificed a lot to get him where he is today and taught him a great many things. Together with his Grandmother, she has influenced his life a great deal because they were always strong-willed and gently guided him through life.

Nhlanhla entered Big Brother Hotshots because he’s been a fan ever since he saw his first season on DStv. ‘I just knew that I wanted to be on the show myself, and wanted to take the opportunity to have my personality spread all over the world’. He thinks having the continent’s eyes on him 24/7 will be ‘nerve-wracking’, but says it’s a great feeling knowing he’ll be watched by the continent and can influence the viewers.

He describes himself as ‘crazy, eccentric, narcissistic, energetic and spiritual’ and enjoys the fact that he’s always positive and optimistic, and always sees the beauty in others.

Age: 25

Lusaka-born Resa is an Event Planner, MC and Public Speaker. She entered Big Brother Hotshots in the hope of winning the grand prize and being able to pay off her mother’s debts. ‘She has moved heaven and earth to ensure that I get my honours degree and in the process she has incurred debts,’ says Resa.

She’s ‘extremely nervous, but delighted at the same time’ at the prospect of having the continent’s eyes on her 24/7. She says the viewers can expect ‘realness’ from her. ‘No pretence, I’m an open book, I don’t hide my struggles because they’ve shaped me into who I am and I’ve used them as stepping stones,’ she says. ‘Also, lots of dancing and definitely lots of laughter!’

Resa describes herself as ‘unique, colourful, bubbly, random and hyper’, saying that her inquisitive nature means that she won’t suffer in silence. ‘I’m apologetic, my outspoken nature, I’m a go-getter, open-minded and spontaneous,’ she says.





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