Men Prefer Women Who Know How To Cook – Akosua Vee

Men Prefer Women Who Know How To Cook – Akosua Vee

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“If a man tells you he does not like a woman who can cook, he is lying” – Wife Of A-Plus

The wife of A-Plus, Akosua Vee has come out to share a marriage tip or relationship advice to her friends and fans.

According to Akosua the way to a man’s heart can be through his stomach afterall. She shared in a post warning ladies who have relaxed when it comes to cooking or like ordering KFC every night for themselves and their men to quit the habit.

It is believed that at some point men get tired of eating outside when they have a woman who could whip some magic in the kitchen. They want a woman that can cook.

Rumours circulated that Rapper Medical dumped his girlfriend Sister Deborah who cant cook to save a life for Fella Makafui who can cook for reasons as such. If that is true then Akosua Vee’s advice she shares on her Facebook wall could be true afterall.

The wife of controversial rapper and political commentator A Plus’s wife, Akosua, said women should start realizing that when a guy says he does not care whether you can cook or not, he’s probably telling lies.

Eventually, a man is going to dump a lady who can’t cook for one who can Akosua believes.

She shared on her Facebook saying “To all my lovely ladies out there, any man who tells you (I don’t look out for a lady who knows how to cook ), sister pls he dey lie ! Daakye ode b3ka wo Asem! “NB:when they are seriously in love , they say a whole lot of things till reality hits them! Sister girl Berra know how to cook cuz he can’t eat out everyday!!!”






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