Miss Black Beauty Africa Unveils Charlotte Derban As Ambassador

Miss Black Beauty Africa Unveils Charlotte Derban As Ambassador

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Beautiful Multi-talented Charlotte Derban, popularly known in the Showbiz as Charly, has disclosed that she is in full support of the ” ARE YOU BLACK & PROUD” ? “YES! BLACK & PROUD ” & “BEAUTY DEEPER THAN THE SURFACE ” Movement of MISS BLACK BEAUTY AFRICA. 

The Miss Black Beauty Africa Pageant reality show is a pace-setting, International, African, informative, educative, entertaining & cultural event, channeling the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool to boost African ladies’ self-confidence, kick against skin bleaching, encourage African ladies to love and appreciate their black skin tone, empower the pageant hopefuls, fight depression & a platform to bridge the gap & promote the African culture and tourism. The pageant’s theme is, Beauty Deeper than the surface. 

Charlotte Derban is a visionary young Lady who believes in hard work, perseverance and determination. She’s a model, actress, and the owner of Charly’s snacks.


Winner of the Prom Queen in 2012, the Face Of Vienna in 2013, and was part of Miss Ghana 2015 finalists. 


featured in movies like table of men, Shattered Romance, ‘Beautiful Ruins’,’ She Prayed’ and ‘The Wife’, ‘Order from Above’ and many others.


Shot commercials for FanMilk, Coca-Cola, Special Ice mineral water, Mentos Pure Fresh gum, Vodafone, Kasapreko, Alomo Bitters and many others. She is also the Brand ambassador for perfect honampa body lotion .

Read her full statement below:

21st century is one century full of insecured people, when it comes to the Black skin colour . Society has made them believe only light skin is considered beautiful and many has gone overboard with this. They call it toning just to make the nonsense impress the insecure. My advice to people out there is to start appreciating their natural self and believe in what they’ve got because I’m a dark skinned woman and I can’t ever recall a time where I wasn’t proud to be one. 
I think that there’s beauty in all shades and it doesn’t need to be enhanced with unsafe and unhealthy practices. 

First of all, skin bleaching is unsafe, and unhealthy. 
It can cause all type of skin diseases and problems long term. When you’re uneducated and superficial, you will overlook these issues and continue to expose yourself to become unhealthy. The fact that a woman, who I am pretty sure knows that this is a problem and is fully aware that skin bleaching is unsafe but yet goes ahead to promote such products and even advertise them on billboards, Tv commercials & social media, to me, is just the highest form of selfishness. 

Miss Black Beauty Africa to me is a very good initiative, because it makes a lot of black Ladies out there to believe in themselves and what they’ve got on the inside, & just like Miss Black Beauty Africa hammers on “Beauty Deeper than the surface” which to me is way more important, than just a beauty on the surface & i’m proud to be associated with the organization as their ambassador. 

Mostly, people who bleach their skin are believed to suffer from low self esteem. The use of fairness creams have long been associated with being discriminatory, racist and having inferiority complex. It’s an act of self denial. Some think the whiter you become, the superior and more appealing you are. This is purely wrong and we need to change that mindset and dissolve mentalities. So with this initiative, i strongly believe it’s equally going to educate the black ladies out there to love themselves more & even send a message across to their friends with same inferiority complex issues, not to tone their skin or bleach, because black or dark skin isn’t inferior but beautiful.

Miss Black Beauty Africa is truly educative & informative & we have so much more information to share with you all about this cause/Organization, & i invite you all to attend the press re-launch, slated for the 14th of Dec 2018 & taking place at The African Regent Hotel, Accra Ghana.

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