Move To Accra If You Want To Make It – Ayesem

Move To Accra If You Want To Make It – Ayesem

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Artiste in the various regions of the country often complains about the fact that everything about the music industry is concentrated in Accra, making it difficult for them to make a headway where they are.

And for rapper Ayesem real name Stephen Kwabena Siaw, who relocated to Accra from Takoradi in the Western Region to give his career a boost, the reality remains that any artiste who wants to make it in the industry has to be in Accra or he or she can forget it.

According to Ayesem, who has gained popularity for his song, Koti, it would take the intervention of God for an artiste not based in Accra to become a household name in Ghana.

“I thought I was very popular until I moved to Accra and realised that was not the case. Not many people knew me until I started promoting Koti here in Accra.

“Everyone in Takoradi will support you if you do good music there, but that makes you limited because your music won’t get the chance to penetrate the bigger market,” he told the Graphic Showbiz last Monday, October 14.

“Why is every musician moving to Accra? It is the capital city and once you become known in Accra, be rest assured that every Ghanaian will get to know you. There are talented musicians doing so well in the other regions, but they are only limited to those regions,” he added.

Ayesem’s assertions may contain some basic truth because there are instances to back them.

Although he was very popular in Tamale, Fancy Gadam had to promote his craft in Accra, including collaborating with top names such as Sarkodie and holding concerts in Accra, for him to gain mainstream recognition.

Another artiste from the north, Maccasio, has also had to make similar moves to boost his career.

Throwing light on his song Koti, which people thought was composed and sung by Kofi Kinaata, Ayesem said Koti was the real life experience of a friend of his who was mistakenly arrested by the police because he found himself in the midst of marijuana-smoking guys.

Ayesem said it was normal for everyone to think that Koti was for Kofi Kinaata because the lyrics are in Fante.

“Kofi Kinaata is known for singing in Fante and so it is very normal for a quality song such as Koti to be attributed to him. Now everyone knows I am the one behind the song, after had I released the music video. More so, I have had a lot of performances and my face is now known,” he said.






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