MUSIC + VIDEO : Abiodun Koya – Lift Up Nigeria

MUSIC + VIDEO : Abiodun Koya – Lift Up Nigeria

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Singer songwriter Abiodun Koya releases a patriotic song titled ‘Lift Up Nigeria’. The song is her humble way of sounding a clarion call to fellow Nigerian citizens; to despite the on going crisis in tje country, to stir up hope and patriotism while creating a better and brighter tomorrow for Nigeria. ‘Lift Up Nigeria’ has been hailed at its premiere by the Vice President and will go a long way in bringing closer to the people in forging a national conversation on unity rather than division, separation and hate speeches within the citizens of our great country. It has been proven times over decades that music is a unifying force, a magical presence forged to melt hearts of iron and a weapon used to fight hatred and disunity.
It is a Wake Up call to Nigerian Youths to participate and get involved in moving the country forward. Lastly, the positive outward appearance of Nigeria should be portrayed in their dealings across the globe and it is the reponsibility of the Youths to “Lift up Nigeria” in all aspects of Local and International Relations.
In Abiodun Koya’s words “The song, ‘Lift up Nigeria’ is divine, it is for our great country; it is for everybody.






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