My Music Once Resurrected A Lady From Coma – Kojo Antwi Reveals

My Music Once Resurrected A Lady From Coma – Kojo Antwi Reveals

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Legendary Ghanaian artiste Kojo Antwi has recounted how his music once brought a lady out of coma.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, the veteran singer said the lady laid unconscious but was revived after his music was played to her.

According to him, he didn’t even know about the incident until some years back when the said lady met him and confessed it.

“I met a lady who said she was in a coma and what her parents did was to have headphones on her and they kept playing my music to her while she was in the hospital because her parents knew she was so much into my music,” Kojo Antwi said.

“…she had those headphones [on] even though she couldn’t hear you, she couldn’t feel anything…as part of the treatment, they kept playing my music to her all the time. So she met me and [told] me the story.”

The “Adiepena” hitmaker further revealed that another song of his helped prevent a Kumawood actor from committing suicide.

He explained that the content of the song touched the actor and made him rescind the decision to commit suicide.

Kojo Antwi is one of the most celebrated Ghanaian musicians, having made a name for himself across the globe.

The “Music man” has received a couple of awards for his work, including the West Africa Tourism Award, All Africa Music Awards, Kora Award, and the Our Music Award.






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