Nacee is a liar, ‘Onaapo’ cash more than Gh 120,000 – Mel Kwasi Davis

Nacee is a liar, ‘Onaapo’ cash more than Gh 120,000 – Mel Kwasi Davis

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Artiste manager and a member of the team who helped Nacee to work on NDC’s Onaapo campaign project, Mel Kwasi Davis has called the musician a liar for saying they were given Gh120, 000 for the task.

Mel in a conversation with Zionfelix on Radio Univers’ Brunch2Lunch entertainment show said they were given Gh 140,000 contrary to Gh120, 000 Nacee stated in an interview with Franky5 on Hitz FM’s This is Gospel show. According to him, they were given Gh20, 000 before they went for another Gh120, 000 so he cannot fathom why the gospel musician doesn’t want to add the two.

“What he said is not the truth. We first met one of the big men in the party and he gave us Gh20, 000 before we visited another person who gave us the Gh120, 000. If you add the two, the total will be Gh140, 000 but not Gh120, 000 Nacee is saying. I cannot say anywhere on this planet that the Gh20, 000 which was first given to us was not part of the money because it was given to us to help the project.” he said.

Commenting on musician’s revelation that he, Nacee took Gh 61,000 out of the total Gh120, 000 and gave the rest, Gh59, 000 to the other five people in the group – Mel Kwasi Davis, Bull Dog, Frank Agyekum, Franky5, and Ashes, Mel disclosed that he was surprised when the music producer mentioned that on Hitz FM. The boss of Event Republic said the person who linked the team to the big men in NDC charged 20% (Gh24, 000 if the money is Gh 120,000) of the total cash. He added that Nacee camped the remaining cash after the other five members of the team had Gh 7,000 each to use for the project.

On what has brought the brouhaha on the Onaapo cash, Mel told Zionfelix that the Gh 120,000 NDC gave them was to promote the songs but not to pay for the studio cost of the works but Nacee took part of the money to pay for production cost. He disclosed that Nacee told them after going for the cash that he needed to use part of the money meant for the promotion to pay for the cost of the works, something they thought was wrong.

According to him, Nacee did not inform them about the cost before going for the cash else they would have taken more than what was given them to be able to cater for the production cost.

“The Gh120, 000 was for promotional purposes in all 10 regions and nothing else.

He should have told us the cost of everything so that we will also add it to what we will demand from them.

Why did he wait for us to go for the money before telling us that he needed to pay the cost of the production?”






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