Nasty C Reveals His Biggest Insecurity

Nasty C Reveals His Biggest Insecurity

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In a Twitter post he made, nasty C revealed his biggest insecurity. His aim for this was to speak about self-love and self-respect.

He started by talking about facing his insecurities and letting his fans know his secret made him fearful of other people’s reaction to it.

Nasty has become so used to hiding this secret that even his girlfriend has seen it once. he speaks about it all and ends his introduction with a positive conclusion.

Even though he has gone through years of bullying and feeling cautious, he feels now is the time to look at the bigger picture.

By sharing his insecurities, Nasty wants his fans to feel brave and share their own insecurities too, without feeking ashamed.

“God made you that way.”

He then lowers his camera and takes off his sock while letting out a laugh. he has one large big toe. This is a birth defect where his toe have not split.






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