Nayas Will Find It Very Difficult To Get A Man To Marry – Ernest Opoku Junior

Nayas Will Find It Very Difficult To Get A Man To Marry – Ernest Opoku Junior

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Issues about Nayas 1 who doubles as Kuamawood actress cum producer was relatively scanty until her amorous relationship with Gospel musician Ernest Opoku Jnr became the talk of Ghana.

Afterwards, Nayas 1 has continued to be in the news for the very bad reasons especially in reference to hardcore talks. If you could remember, she recently appeared on E TV’s In Bed With Adwen show and shockingly revealed that she has the sweetest pussy nationwide.

Not only the above but also said that she and Apostle John Prah are an item. Although it was later revealed that it was all to hype a movie dubbed “Justice Denied” produced by Miracle Films. Besides, Nayas 1 has made a lot of proclamations which seems to pollute her feminine image.

It’s in the light of Nayas’ cheap talks that her ex-lover, Ernest Opoku Junior has issued a warning to Nayas to be careful of the things she has been saying else she should forget about marriage. Speaking to FanteQuoo of Inside Prime Page TV, Ernest Opoku posited that Nayas 1 is making herself appear like a monster before men.

To him, Nayas coming out to say stuff like “I’ve the sweetest pussy, I’m good in bed, etc” won’t do her any good as she’s driving possible suitor away.

Watch interview below and pay attention to the 12th minute and beyond:






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