Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Public Nuisance In UK

Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Public Nuisance In UK

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A Nigerian man preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of London was on Saturday, February 23, arrested by some London police officers.

The yet-to-be-identified man was seen preaching the gospel to strangers and it attracted the attention of the police.

In a video, he was seen engaging in an argument with two British policemen who were dragging him while he was yelling and telling them to repent.

The police officers warned that they may be forced to arrest him if he insisted, and the preacher told them, “I can be arrested if you want…You better even make your life to belong to Jesus Christ.”

When one of the police officers asked him what he was doing, he responded, “I am preaching” and the police officer asked him to go away else he will arrest him for breach of peace, but the preacher questioned, “what breach of peace” and insisted he would not go away voluntarily.






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