Pan-African Heroes Awards: Stacy Amoateng Is Most Outstanding Female Personality

Pan-African Heroes Awards: Stacy Amoateng Is Most Outstanding Female Personality

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Television personality Stacy Amoateng has been adjudged Most Outstanding Female Personality at this year’s Pan-African Heroes Awards. 

Mrs. Amoateng was presented with the prestigious award by the ‘Pan-African Heroes Foundation (PAHF), the Rectitude International Mission (RIM) and the Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce and Administration (BORGCA) at the Pan-African Heroes Honours ceremony which was held in Accra over the weekend. 

“It hasn’t been an easy journey. Over two decades of dedication and hard work, it feels good be relevant through all the storms. One thing I know for sure is, to succeed, you need to be like an ocean, no matter what is thrown at you, its your choice to let the waves carry the waste to the shore,” said the Executive Director in charge of television and radio at Angel Broadcasting Network.

“Thank you to Elohim Almighty continues to order my steps. Thanks to my husband Quophi, my shore who effortlessly supports me to be better. My children, my entire family Angel Broadcasting Network and my amazing fans who keep the love coming to urge me on to the end of the tunnel. God bless you all,” she added.

The PAHF is a non-profit subsidiary organization. Its main objective is to acknowledge and project the image of self-motivated personalities, whose current activities directly support livelihoods, thereby, contributing towards socio-economic growth with a high potential to champion the cause of communal development.

Rectitude International Mission is a subsidiary organization of BORGCA. It is the International Relations Unit of BORGCA, acting in all internationally related affairs as well as events/programmes on behalf of all BORGCA’s subsidiary agencies.

‘BORGCA’ is a research center for governance, commerce and administration related issues. The Bureau, basically observes, monitors and collates information on selected interests aimed at purposes of effectiveness/recognition and performance in its competitive analysis.

It was formed to give a new look and direction focusing more closely on individual activities and the administrative performance of corporate institutions in African societies.

Meanwhile, Stacy Amoateng has earned a nomination at the 2020 Women’s Choice Awards Africa. She has been nominated in the Super Woman of the Year category. She has also grabbed five (5) nominations at the 2020 Adonko Radio and Television Presenter (RTP) Awards.






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