Photos: Miss Ghana 2015 Auditions In Takoradi

Photos: Miss Ghana 2015 Auditions In Takoradi

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Friday 28th August 2015 marked the birth of a new dawn for Miss Ghana 2015 in Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel InTakoradi. It was the first time in Western region under the Management of Exclusive Events.The Atlantic Hotel is a heaven on earth place to be, giving the right ambience and tone to the auditions. The day started with a bevy of beautiful, talented and eloquent Ghanaian ladies comingto audition.

In a bid to be selected as part of the 20 contestants for this year’s pageant; the numerous ladies who showed up at the audition exhibited their talents, gave speeches, cat walked answered varied questions to convince the judges they have what it takes to be the next queen.

The rich panel of judges made up of Barrak EL-Mahmoud(CEO of Capture), KafuiDanku(past regional queen and actress),KojoAmoakoNzoley (renowned Radio personality) and Inna Patty ( CEO of Exclusive Events) did their best to put the Ladies at ease whilst they intensively engaged these beauties.

Whilst most of the ladies tried to prove why they deserve to qualify from this audition stage to the next, a few fumbled in answering their questions. In all, the first day of Miss Ghana 2015 Takoradi auditions came to an end with almost all the beautiful ladies satisfied with the day’s event. The next stage will see the Ladies partaking in market activations.

Miss Ghana 2012 is powered by Exclusive Events Ghana, with support from ManetProperties. Citroën by CFAO, LAWASH manufactured by Lifeon and marketed by Tobinco Pharmaceuticals. IPMC.Holiday Inn Hotel Accra Airport, Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel Takoradi.Atlantic Unique Floral.AKosombo Textile Limited. Imperial General Assurance. FC Skin& Beauty Klinic.Pippas Health Center CAPTURE, Digital Innovation.DDP. Forever Easy.Frytol by Wilmar Africa and Herbal Life.

Miss Ghana 2015 media partners are Maxx FM, Beach FM, Citi FM, EIB group (Star FM,LiveFM,Ultimate FM) Kesmi FM, Atinka FM, CypressGH Entertainment, Peace FM, Showbiz, UTV and Spice FM.

MISS GHANA 2015; the Evolution of Beauty.

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Checkout photos below…MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-40095MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10003MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10007MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10011MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10013MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10013-2MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10026MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10032MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10039MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10043MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10045MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10071MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10081MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10102MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10111MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10147MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10155MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10159MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10161MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10164MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10167MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10184MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10234MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-10260 MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-40012MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-40016MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-40039MissGhanaDay2-TakoradiAuditions-28.08.15-40042




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