Return VGMAs car if you don’t want it – George Quaye tells No Tribe

Return VGMAs car if you don’t want it – George Quaye tells No Tribe

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The Public relations Officer of Charterhouse Productions Limited, George Quaye, is asking gospel music group, No Tribe, to return the Hyundai car given them as a prize for winning the Gospel Artiste of the year at the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) if they do not like it.

No Tribe received a brand new Hyundai car instead of a locally-manufactured Kantanka K71 vehicle as promised by the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), a situation some have described as a deception.

George Quaye in an interview with KMJ on Daybreak Hitz on Monday refused to accept that No Tribe was deceived. According to him, the Nacee-led music group was promised a Kantanka car but there was a challenge that made it impossible to present the said car in the stead a Hyundai car was acquired for the group.

“I don’t see what happened last year as a problem but a bit of delay… At the end of the day, No Tribe was promised a car. You are telling me because the car is not a Kantanka then why have they accepted it? They should return it and say they want Kantanka. They were promised a car; they have been given a car. It is not an issue of deceit… I don’t know what the problem was with Kantanka but at the end of the day, MUSIGA was able to give No Tribe a car. Is that true or false?” he queried.

George Quaye asserted that MUSIGA should be encouraged and not bastardised.

“MUSIGA thought it prudent to reward the musicians on the VGMA with a car. Through their efforts, they managed to get partners including Midland Savings and Loans to help reward some of our musicians with cars. They’ve done it for three years in a roll. Unfortunately, last year, there was a bit of a problem with a delay but eventually, the car did come. Now are we going to capitalise on that delay and demoralise MUSIGA to make them feel as if they don’t know what they are about or are we going to rather encourage then to even go beyond just getting one car?” he questioned again.

Meanwhile, manager of No Tribe, Nana Poku ‘Ashes’ insists the group was deceived. He noted that No Tribe protested but only accepted the Hyundai car after further interactions backstage.

“…it’s on their platform that the prize was mentioned to the whole world so it’s not about whether you said you would give car A and you gave car B. No, it’s wrong. It’s deceit. It is public deceit and I don’t think it is right… It wasn’t like we as No Tribe wanted that car so badly. We insisted we didn’t want it but we thought about so many other things,” he noted.






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