Royal Visit Was Just Wrong – Fuse ODG

Royal Visit Was Just Wrong – Fuse ODG

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UK-based Ghanaian Afrobeat artiste Fuse ODG has condemned the preferential treatment given to Prince Charles and his wife Camilla during their recent visit to Ghana.

The “Antenna” hitmaker described the Royal visit to Ghana as “wrong” and wondered why precious time and resources should be spent on such visits.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Ghana on Friday, November 2 for a four-day visit.

Fuse ODG recently vented on social media criticising Ghanaians for overhyping the visit of Prince Charles.

He was not happy that the Royal couple, during their visit, where given the finest welcomes as many school kids stood by the roadside to wave at them.

The UK-based Ghanaian musician sees no reason why the royal couple should be given such an esteem welcome.

Explaining why he was not happy about the visit, Fuse ODG told Andy Dosty in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that Ghanaians should rather learn to celebrate their own.

“The whole thing was just wrong…they came to check up on their kids,” he said and alleged that “they” came to keep Ghanaians in check. “We are still slaves.”

“I love our President. He has a different mentally” but he believes that the Whites should rather spend their time apologising and pay for what they have done to Africans.

“They don’t dance when we go there…so why are we dancing” to welcome these foreign dignitaries when they come to Ghana.

Fuse ODG, who said he was angry just talking about the issue, noted that “there’s not enough celebration of us out there. There is not enough celebration of us down here.”

The Afrobeat musician advised that it was time Ghanaians and Africans have a united front and fight together.






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