Samini Pays Tribute To Kofi Annan, Calls On Government To Consider His Talk On Marijuana Legalization

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Samini, celebrated Ghanaian Musician has also joined several voices to pay tribute to Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General who passed away few days ago, according to reports.

Samini in a radio interview says, “he (Kofi Annan) did his best for Ghanaians and humanity with his humanitarian activities. He came across as a humble Ghanaian who made a huge influence on the globe. For such a man to pull international presence with his funeral defines the weight and his command over the world”.
Samini however added that, “in Kofi Annan’s last days before he death, he made a statement that Africa needs to look into the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. For a learned person like him who was once the World’s President who was still active and very, very sane before he died comes to confirm what I’ve also been advocating for, the legalization of marijuana for commercial and economic use,” he concluded.
Pointing to the success of legalization in parts of America, like at the lansing dispensaries where people have been sourcing the drug for their medical purposes, might help to prove the positive change that decriminalization can make to normal people’s lives. If people were aware of the various benefits that medical marijuana can have on the health and wellness of individuals, their opinions may change. Not only can it help with pain management, but it can also help with the likes of stress and anxiety, amongst other things too. It’s understandable that people may have negative connotations towards marijuana due to the smoking aspect of it. However, people are starting to realize they can consume cannabis in many different ways, for example, if someone didn’t want to smoke then they have the option of other methods such as using the PAX 3 vaporizer to feel the effects of marijuana while not directly combusting the cannabis.
As a result of these benefits, many people are deciding to make their own mark in the cannabis industry, particularly in America, by opening their own dispensary. But a lot of work goes into running a business like this; it’s not just about providing people with the relevant products for their ailment, but cannabis businesses can be shut down for many reasons, so adhering to the relevant guidelines is a must for anyone who is looking to go into this industry.
For instance, when running a cannabusiness it is vital that business owners take steps to recycle and repurpose cannabis containers and packaging. Committing to an environmentally conscious approach is crucial for businesses to survive in the modern world. Accordingly, you can learn more about how to recycle and repurpose weed containers by doing some research online
With that being said, if marijuana is legalized around the world, it will only help people to live a long and healthy life, and continuing the work of Kofi Annan should be carried on.
Samini was speaking to Price Benjamin on Class 91.3 fm on Wednesday, September 13, 2018.
Samini, currently managed by Africa 1 Media is readying to release his 7th studio album in the last quarter of 2018. He has released 3 songs, “My Own”, “Obimbra” and “Obaa” off the much anticipated album.

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