Samini: The Music! The Magic! The Man!

Samini: The Music! The Magic! The Man!

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Before we sit, Samini wraps up with the tapeline-bearing stylist who has trailed him here—stretching out both arms for his measurements to be taken. An undertone discourse ensues between both men, interspersed with head nodding and wags of disrelish at a fabric texture or colour suggestion.

It is not long before they settle on a costume choice though. A fist bump follows, as does the parting exchange of “akye saaa,” the reggae singer’s catchphrase. The stylist disappears through the door he had come in.

I’ve caught Samini (a top-rate Ghanaian musician for almost 2 decades) briefly at the Django Bar in VGMA season—between his galvanising Vodafone eXperience performance, and the main ceremony this weekend.

The dreadlocked man’s eyes retain residual fatigue from eXperience, but his deep husky voice seems well-rested. Along the sleeve of his right hand, tattoos descend gently.

I break the ice with a comment about his comedic expertise, instead of the pito question.

Samini thunders with mirth when he admits that he can be a tease sometimes. While he never saw himself in a comedic career, he brags that he’s a natural funny man: “I don’t think it’s something you learn. If you’re born with natural humour, it comes when you vibe with people.”

Cartoons or stand-up?

Whatever the mood dictates, he says, but a comedy channel is most likely what you would find him watching on a random afternoon.

Since his eXperience showcase, the media has been awash—as usual—with glowing reviews of his performance. But as he tells me, it doesn’t surprise him at this stage in his career. To him, performance is the ultimate proof that an entertainer is truly consummate. Hence, why he would never “cut corners” when plotting his stage performances.

“I’ve seen it too many times to know—unless I’m not on bill. I know that I’m going to go there and deliver and get my audience excited. So, I don’t go there worrying about what someone else is coming to do on that platform. My thing is that I have to have a good night. I have to have a solid performance. The reviews have to be good because the audience came there to have a good time,” posits Samini in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I come to give you life. I come to give you energy!”






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