Some Female Celebrities Get ‘Chakadumed’ For Sponsorship – Ekow Smith

Some Female Celebrities Get ‘Chakadumed’ For Sponsorship – Ekow Smith

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Many Ghanaians have always alleged that some female celebrities in Ghana enjoy sponsorship from sugar daddies and this has made women to look opportunists in the eyes of Ghanaians.

One Ghanaian celebrity who has added up to the number of people making such allegations is Ekow Smith Asante who has stated that most of the female celebrities in Ghana mostly get ‘chakadumed’ by business moguls in Nigeria.

According to him, most of the Business moguls come to Ghana to bid on ladies and the one with the highest bid takes the woman.

“You could have chiefs, big guys say this actors… they will come here and they will bet, you want jaguar or Range, this guy say he could give you na … I mean the highest bidder gets it and then they fly you;

You and the girls dey norr they go to Abuja and they are done, they go Dubai and they are back; we all dey do the work oo but we no dey see top” the actor alleged.

He made this revelation in response to a question asked by Mzgee about whether men celebrities enjoy freebies than women in an up close on Gee spot show on Joy Prime TV.

He added that though some females are seen doing commercials and engaging in businesses, there are others who don’t do anything yet live luxurious lives.

Not long ago Salma Mumin got trolled by Ghanaians for being sponsored by a sugar daddy on a trip to Greece but the actress debunked the allegations.






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