The Surprise Awards for excellence Launches new categories

The Surprise Awards for excellence Launches new categories

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GOA Group Limited on 7th May at the British Council made public some categories they have introduced The Surprise Awards for excellence.

The categories include communication and media Award for excellence, Entertainment and Arts award for Excellence, Educational Awards for Excellence, Industrial award for Excellence and Health Awards for Excellence.

The above new categories weren’t the only ones announced at the launch. There were also some special awards designed for patriotic and hardworking Ghanaian citizens, these awards were the Celebrated, Personality of the year (The Patriots Awards), Cooperate Humanitarian Award of the year, Most Impactful Policy of the year and Public service Award of the year.

The surprise awards for excellence is a social enterprise scheme institution to honour commendable individuals and institution across the various categories of  service that have chosen to pursue the path of excellence and worked towards achieving it continually on daily bases through carrying out enormous responsibilities that benefits society positively. It is basically to surprisingly recognize and award the achievements of individuals, groups and dedication, have committed their efforts towards making our society a better place to live.

The surprise awards for excellence is to encourage individuals who through their daily activities cause positive change not to relent on their effort recognize efforts and successes of humanitarians in Ghana.

The scheme has the unique element of surprise in that a deserving recipient is awarded at his or her place of work during normal working hours or other without their knowledge before them expecting to be awarded. In this regard they get to be awarded surprisingly for their enormous contributions towards humanity and the betterment of the lives of the unprivileged in society that has enhanced growth and the developmental agenda of the nation. It is an acceptable norm endorsed by all.

The launch was graced by honourable Alhasan Ayariga.

Source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey





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