There Is Market For ‘Adult’ Movies – Actor Samuel Ofori

There Is Market For ‘Adult’ Movies – Actor Samuel Ofori

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For a long time, actor Samuel Ofori has been criticised for the roles he has played in sexually explicit movies such as Sexy Wizard, Sex Game, The Devil Between My Legs among others, but he has asked his critics to keep quiet as there is quite the market for adult content movies.

Speaking to Showbiz from Kumasi, where he is based, Samuel Ofori, who is also a producer and director, says he does not understand why people still have issues with the kind of movies he does.

“Please, people should just give us a break, there is market for sexually explicit movies. I mean we all cannot do the same things, it is not possible and there is a market for different movies so they should let us be.

“See, I have been in this business for a long time and I just do not get up to say I am producing a movie or anything like that.

“I know what the people who love me want and that is what I give them. The market is big and we can do a lot of things,” he continued.

His consistent roles in these sexually explicit movies has also raised issues about him promoting sex, but he says that can’t be so.

“I do not preach sex, and sex is not a sin, there is nowhere in the Bible that says sex is a sin, neither is it a crime and so we are free to talk about it and that is what I am doing.

“The most important thing people should focus on is the message in the movie at the end of the day. I am not a hypocrite, I am not the kind who will come and play holier than thou here. I love God, I am very spiritual but when it comes to work, I work,” Samuel Ofori said.

With the kind of roles he plays, which involves fondling, passionate kisses and naked women, it wouldn’t be out of place to assume he gets aroused because of course he is human, but Samuel says he doesn’t.

“I do not get an erection; I am as professional as possible. I don’t have to take advantage of what I am being paid to do to misbehave. I have never gotten an erection and I never will,” he said.

However, Samuel Ofori confirmed that the roles he played attracted a lot of ladies who thought he was like that in real life.

“The pressure comes, ladies think I am like that in person so some come with the intention of getting a piece of me but I do not pay attention to them.

“I am married and have been married for 10 years with three wonderful children and I am responsible so I will never do that,” Samuel Ofori said.

According to him, his wife was sometimes around when he was shooting some of those movies and scenes. “My wife is sometimes around when I’m shooting and truthfully, she even gives me ideas so there is no cause for alarm.”

Samuel Ofori recently won a Legendary Award at this year’s Film Summit for his role in contributing to the sustainability of the Ghanaian film industry as a film director, and he says it is a sign of greater things to come.

“I was very humbled to have grabbed that and it only shows that our works are being recognised, someone somewhere is watching. To the future, cheers to more hard work and many more awards.”






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