Three days more for the versatile show

Three days more for the versatile show

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Professional Ghanaian actor Benjamin Kwadey, has promised patrons of the Versatile Show Replay to expect yet another mind blowing performance from him come 21st December when the show is being staged again at the National Theatre.

The actor said this in a One on One live social media interview, when Okyeame Kwame asked him about his preparation towards the Versatile Show Replay. He wrote, “I can’t wait for the 21st Dec one. dat will happen live again. Believe u me, dat will cam with great upgrade. I urge all to be there live. pure gift from God”.

Benjamin who plays a role of a fake blind man who is a beggar and also questions the existence of God in the Versatile Show revealed in the interview how challenging he finds his role as a beggar. “I really love the role because I believe in handling challenging roles and doing justice to them by His Grace. Hmm I luv it”.

As part of the casts, touching on how he saw the Versatile Show which got many people talking about it, Benjamin said “It was amazing, awesome, unbelievable concept put together by Okyeame Kwame. This has never happened anywhere in Ghana. I am so proud to be part of such project. I foresee as this production gains grounds, pple around the world will come n see”.

When asked about how he is able to inconsistently stay professional to acting, the graduate of Fine Arts in Legon stated, “I believe the truth of the secret is God. And also I tke d gift He has givn me seriously n wrk on it to glorify His Name”.

Benjamin Kwadey is noted for his notable roles in Sun City, Palava House, Taxi Driver, KSM’s Double, Leila’s Ties That Bind, Turn Me On among others.




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