Traditional Language Is My Identity – Wiyaala

Traditional Language Is My Identity – Wiyaala

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Afro pop singer and songwriter Noella Wiyaala has explained that singing in her native languages, that is, Dagaree, Sissala and Waala, is a way of fusing her traditional culture into her music career.

According to her, it is a way of making her stand out among her peers, and since the languages she speaks is her identity, she can’t leave them behind.  

On NRK TV in Norway, the musician indicated that she tries as much as possible to mix her native language into the lyrics of her songs and “if you don’t know the difference you will think it is one language but it is actually different languages.”

The Lioness of Africa cautioned African parents to teach their kids their traditional languages so that their kids will not lose their identity. 

“Every parent must teach their child their local dialect, if you don’t do that, it’s very embarrassing and when you go home they will be making fun of you… it is one thing you have to learn ‘compulsory by force,'” she said.  

Wiyaala who is currently in Norway performed some of her hit songs such as “Tan Da Gree” which she explained means the Rock and the Sand.

She said “Tan Da Gree” used to be her school rhyme with moral lessons stating “You need not copy people blindly, else you will find yourself wanting.”






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