Van Vicker stars in movie with biological daughter

Van Vicker stars in movie with biological daughter

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Fans of GhallyWood should expect another emotional movie from Ghana’s Sky Orange Production and Tanzania’s Endless Fame Productions titled D.A.D (Day After Death).
The movie has a very heart-touching concept movie lovers cant afford to miss – and is also filled with surprises.

The story line for D.A.D, (Day After Death) talks about an officer who has returned home after years of peacekeeping in a foreign land. He suffers from a rare disease that renders his muscles inactive, thus ‘stiffens’ him. Doctors have pronounced he has only a few months to live since his condition is fast deteriorating. Whilst reading to his daughter, she sees him in his ‘stiff’ state, his nose bleeds. He leaves home because he refuses to be seen as a weakling by his daughter. He awaits his death…. but there is a DAY AFTER DEATH.

Some actors in Day After Death include Timothy Bentum, Wema Sepetu, Van Vicker and daughter, J’dyl Vanette Vicker.
Yes you heard it right. Van Vicker is in a movie with his daughter.

Speaking to Van Vicker on how he feels to work with his biological product, the actor who played the role of that loving father who returned home after peace keeping in Day After Death revealed to GhallyWoodStars.Com that, her daughter in the same movie with him helped his character because the emotions attached were very real.

On the other hand, i am just another businessman who is creating an opportunity for a potentially talented girl who happens to be my daughter – he added
This is the second time Van Vicker has been in the same movie with her and the 7th time production by the actor under Sky Orange Productions.

D.A.D (Day After Death) is a true life story and was directed by Van Vicker.
According to Van Vicker, the movie will enjoy its premiere in Tanzania on May and in Ghana on June.





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