Vodafone Ghana Holds Interaction Section With Bloggers

Vodafone Ghana Holds Interaction Section With Bloggers

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One of the leading communication networks in the country, Vodafone Gh has held an interaction session with a section of bloggers in the country to take them through their operations and social intervention programs they have undertaken over the years.

During the interaction, Director of External Affaires for Vodafone Gh, Gayheart Mensah, expounded the importance of the work of bloggers to their operations as a network, which is a more reason for such an interaction with them in other to create a lasting relationship.

“At Vodafone we believe that we have very strong partnership that helps us to deliver our mandate as a telecommunications network operator. Our partnership cuts across many stakeholders. There are some that we have almost very frequent interaction with. There are others that appear to be a bit silent but vocal. Silent in the sense that we don’t have such sections often but out there you seem to be one of our biggest advocates, and when I talk about advocate, I am not saying advocate just by the reason that they say good things about us, but reason of the fact that you critique us when the need arises. Especially  when such critiques are constructive in nature ”. He said.

He further revealed that the aim of such interactions were to try and reach out to some distance stakeholders (like bloggers) in other to understand their operations as well and also inform them of their operations in other for them to do their work properly.

“What we do now and then, is to try to offer some opportunity to some of the little bit distance ones (stakeholders) and have such interactions to try and understand each other so they continue with the advocacy from a more informed premises.”

Also in the meeting was the Cooperate Communication Manager Of the company, Daniels Aseidu, who took bloggers through an array of operations and interventions undertaken by the company over the years. He also answered questions from the bloggers in the meeting.

Vodafone Ghana since acquiring 70% of then Ghana Telecom in 2008 has invested huge sums of money in the telecommunications industry and has become very competitive in the industry.

According to the Ghana National Communications Authority, it’s market share rose from 21% to 24.1% between 2012 and 2017. Until recently when Tigo and Airtel merged, VodafoneGH was the second market leader. They continue to make a lot of strides in the telecommunications industry.

The interaction was successful with questions and answers sessions to close the private gathering.





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