VVIP has never helped me – Shatta Wale

VVIP has never helped me – Shatta Wale

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To those peddling rumors that the self acclaimed Dancehall King now Champion, Shatta Wale had any help from the music group, VVIP should keep their cool.

The Chop Kiss singer stated in an interview with Delay on Delay TV that VVIP has never rendered any help when it comes to his music career.

This came up for discussion days after Prodigal of VVIP got furious over Shatta Wale’s decision to sabotage their SallahFest event in Nima by mounting a stage in the same vicinity.

Setting the record straight, Shatta said; “VVIP has never helped me in any way, I have never benefited from them so far as my music is concerned”.

“The truth is, I mounted their stage a few times but it was because my song was popular and they had no choice.”

“My song had made rounds and people were loving it so they put me on.”
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