When I Met Serwaa Amihere, She Knew Nothing About News – Nana Aba Anamoah

When I Met Serwaa Amihere, She Knew Nothing About News – Nana Aba Anamoah

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Broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah has described Sewaa Amihere as her ‘trophy mentee.’

According to her, Serwaa started the media profession as a lady with ambition but did not know where to start from and it was a difficult task because she knew nothing about news.

Nana Aba recounted that she first met Serwaa through her [Nana Aba’s] cousin.

According to her, she didn’t think Serwaa was the kind of person she wanted to mentor because she was nothing close to all the people who passed through her. She saw her as one who was more obsessed with her dressing than the work.

“She is my trophy mentee” Nana Aba told KSM on his show.

“When I met Serwaa, she knew nothing about news and that was a challenge for me. I just felt that I’ve had people who know news, who follow the events, they follow the trends but this girl is different.

“Serwaa had a different lifestyle. She was the girl who would wear big hair, long lashes, long nail, skimpy dresses and she wanted to be in the media but she was lost and at the time, every single person looked down on her. They all thought that this girl is useless. She can’t do it,” she recounted.

However, Nana Aba says she does not praise Serwaa too much because she might get carried away and relax.

“So she picked up gradually and today look at Serwaa she’s winning awards as a newscaster and I look at her and I don’t praise her much. So I’m very proud of her and I feel that I can do more with other people. I can do so much more and I can do it through the classroom and that’s why I want to teach,” she concluded.

Serwaa Amihere won the Female Newscaster of the year at the 2018 Radio and Television Personality Awards.

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