Who is Fella Makafui? Is She A Bird? – Efia Odo Asks

Who is Fella Makafui? Is She A Bird? – Efia Odo Asks

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nstagram sensation and actress, Efia Odo, feigned ignorance of actress Fella Makafui when she appeared on ‘This Is Gospel’ (TIG) with Fanky 5 on Hitz FM.

She had her turn on the show that explores the Christian lives of celebrities on Sunday and tried to avoid questions regarding the actress she once had a scuffle with.

“Who is that? I don’t know who that is. I’ve never heard of her. Is that like a bird or something?” she asked in response to a question on the relationship between them.

Efia Odo, however, admitted later on that she apologised to Fella Makafui for humiliating her on social media.

She stressed that she only apologised for the humiliation and not the series of allegations against the ‘YOLO’ actress.

“I don’t like fakeness…So I addressed the situation publicly. She did something I didn’t like and that was that. I speak my mind and I go my way…I wasn’t apologizing for what I said but I apologized for humiliating her in public,” she said.

Efia Odo is reported to have alleged that the ‘YOLO’ actress sleeps with film producers for movie roles.

She is also on record for saying that her colleague actress engages in sexual affairs with politicians for monetary favours.

Also on the ‘TIG’ show, the Instagram sensation debunked rumours suggesting that her boyfriend, RevLoe, is married but admitted that he has children with another woman.

Revloe and Efia Odo frequently flaunt their love affair on social media and this has attracted several criticisms.

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