Yemi Alade Apologizes For Her ‘Fake Bum’ Shade

Yemi Alade Apologizes For Her ‘Fake Bum’ Shade

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Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade has apologized for attacking celebrities who photoshop images to make their backside look bigger than they actually are.

Many people on social media believed the comments were nothing but a shade targeted at her colleague Tiwa Savage, as the 38-year-old had earlier posted photos of her flaunting butt on Instagram.

Tiwa, reacting to the shady tweet, hopped on Instagram and launched a scathing attack Yemi Alade.

“Don’t start a war you cannot finish. Trust me I’m not the one. I’m quiet but don’t f***k with me,” she jabbed..

“Going into 2019 although I’m quiet I’m going to try and speak my mind a little more. Let me clarify first of all that this is not a yansh war. I Kuku no get big yansh in the first place. It’s about minding your business.

“I have never and will never judge any woman whether she has fake boobs, fake ass, whether it’s real or not. Whether she is short, fat, skinny because I don’t know what insecurities she deals with so I’d rather lover her than condemn her.” she added.

However, hours after posting her controversial tweet, Yemi Alade has apologized.

“Guys I am not here to defend myself. If my last tweet was offensive in anyway, to my fellow females and guyz i apologise,” she wrote on Twitter.

Yemi added that she only wanted women to love themselves, no matter their size.

“ I am sincerely sorry. I just want us to appreciate ourselves more tin, tall, fat, short. With or without Nyash. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL,” she said.






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