Your Government Has Done Nothing For Movie Industry – Lydia Forson To Gabby

Your Government Has Done Nothing For Movie Industry – Lydia Forson To Gabby

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Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, has hit hard at a leading member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Gabby Otchere Darko over his recent critique of Ghana’s movie industry.

Gabby on Facebook expressed his disappointment at some Ghanaian movies, asking the public to help make the creative arts part of the development agenda, adding that after watching 10 Ghanaian movies he was appalled by the quality.

Some creatives including actress Yvonne Nelson replied Gabby’s post, suggesting that Gabby’s judgement on creative arts was disappointing.
Gabby however hit back at his critics and felt the import of his earlier post has been misconstrued because he did not mean to denigrate, but rather generate a healthy discussion about using entertainment more for development, social justice and education.

But in a sharp rebuttal to his comeback, Lydia Forson said although movie makers will welcome criticisms, government was to blame for the woes of the industry because it had failed to honour its promise of revamping the movie industry.

“So, Mr. @GabbyDarko our problem isn’t that we don’t want to be criticized; it’s the condescension and simplification of a very complex issue, one your government promised to help with but has so far done NOTHING about”, she tweeted.

A few days ago, Gabby vented his disappointment with some Ghanaian movies, questioning why the creative industry has been consigned to oblivion as far as national development is concerned.

“I took my time to watch randomly ten Ghanaian movies and never felt so disappointed. It brought home to me one major deficiency in our development. The apparent lack of deliberate consciousness on the part of the creative industry in the development conversation,” he posted on Facebook.

The founding member of political think tank Danquah Institute also asked “what has been the underlying consciousness behind our creative industry, if any?”

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson took a swipe at Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, over the post he made on Facebook.

Yvonne Nelson, who was obviously not enthused with Gabby’s post took to Twitter to respond to the him.

“Hello @GabbyDarko is your [post on Facebook] real?? If it is I’m also disappointed! A few of us are pushing really hard for this industry! Since our leaders have also totally abandoned the industry, we contribute too, just like nurses, doctors etc”.

According to Yvonne, “people in high places just don’t know our struggles. It’s unbelievable!”

She added that it was wrong for the high-ranking member of the ruling NPP government to compare the Ghanaian movie industry to Hollywood.

“How do you even compare Hollywood to our industry! It’s like comparing our economy to theirs!” she asked.

Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, responded to critics of his comment saying that his post has been misunderstood.

“The debate I seek to provoke, however, is that we do not have enough filmmakers, musicians, etc, using their films or music, etc, to promote social justice, educate and entertain or to plug into a greater consciousness, like the theme Ghana Beyond Aid. How do we define that theme of consciousness that has resonated across the globe to effect change in our society and beyond?






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