‘Kalybos In China’ to hit the market from June 15

‘Kalybos In China’ to hit the market from June 15

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This will come as good news to movie lovers across the country and beyond as the long awaited “Kalybos In China” movie gets set to hit the market from the 15th of this month.

Kalybos In China – Kofas Media production, was released in April last year and has since received massive patronage in cinemas in Ghana, Europe and Asia. Many movie lovers have been waiting patiently for that time when they can dip their hands into their purses and pockets to purchase the movie to view with their families as many times as they wish in the comfort of their homes.

Well the time is almost due. Get your monies ready to grab your copy.

Kalybos In China is going to be distributed and marketed officially by Nyankoton films. So customers can contact Nyankoton films for bulk and retail purchases. You can as well grab your copies from all movie sales outlets across the country.

Kofas Media is at the moment doing a regional promotion and screening of their latest movie – Amakye and Dede

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