HB7 Studios presents the short film, “AKUABA”

HB7 Studios presents the short film, “AKUABA”

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It tells the story of a teenage boy; Ato, who can hear, but does not speak. He meets Akuaba one day, after bravely rescuing her from a danger encounter. Ato’s inability to speak does not get in the way of his attraction to the pretty young lady, nor to theunique bond they begin to form.

Over time, their bond strengthens, and they create their own way of communicating, even though words are never spoken between the two. The unimaginable happens one day, when Ato is faced with a situation which could possibly mean an end to the time they’ve been sharing.

Akuaba is a powerful story of young love, communication, a bond formed, and trust “AKUABA” – “If your heart could speak, what would it say?”

Written and Directed by Harry BENTIL & Produced by Ama Jas, Sirina Larsen

Starring: Sandra Davies, Mickey Ashkar, Isaac Abrefa , and Andy Banks

HB7 Studios, 2017

akuaba by harry bentil





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