Collapse Of Indigenous Banks, Local Businesses Holding Ghana’s Prosperity To Ransom, Says Oscar Doe

Collapse Of Indigenous Banks, Local Businesses Holding Ghana’s Prosperity To Ransom, Says Oscar Doe

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In what appears to be a furtherance of an xray of the developmental challenges his country has been battling for about two decades now, the Chairman of Doscar Group, Oscar Yao Doe today dropped another thought-provoking social media post where he outlined the grave danger Ghana is sliding into following the recent collapse of some indigenous financial institutions, and other big businesses in the country.

In his usual philosophical manner, KingOscar wrote.. 
“When a country is managed by people who lack the understanding to make decisions to generate or create the enabling atmosphere for our transformation, they end up bllocking the way to prosperity!

From (being a) feared lion to (becoming a) Child whosd hands are tied in a wheelchair! We thought they were sincere in their actions leading to the destruction of indigenous banks and indigenous businesses in Ghana, not Knowing they didn’t even understand the decisions they were taking and the implications, as well as the effects on the country!

I am laying out typical examples, which I have personally experienced to buttress my point! Since the destruction of the local banks in Ghana, there are many outstanding reconciliation to be made by the Receiver’s Office for those who have transactions with the affected banks. And it wiill surprise you to note that the so-called Receiver has now turned into a Deceiver, because he has no power to make simple decisions to resolve past loans & transactions that occurred. And yet they continue to deceive the public via the media.

The most annoying aspect of the joke of the decade is that by the reference of his appointment, he has the power to make commercial decisions, but the receiver has deferred his decisions to the Bank of Ghana where they  behave like Mini-Gods. So, it can take months or forever for even your letter to get Aattention, especially if you fail to follow up for months.
So, so soon, the once upon a time saviour of the banking system has now turned into the remote control used by some faceless people for selfish reasons only, to the detriment of Ghana. And there is nobody who is capable of putting them in check! 

I doubt, with all due respect if the President can put them to check, unless it’s proven. They don’t even care about the future of this unique nation with enormous potentials to create multiple millionaires, billionaires and a strong middle class!

Their empty egos and selfishness supercedes the future of Ghana. So, their actions and attitudes expose them accordingly! Appointing people into important positions merely because of degrees has held the prosperity of Ghana To ransom! We need deep thinkers. (This is part of) our painful story since Year 2000 when H.E, Dr. Rawlings left office gracefully. 






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