29 Year Old Woman Kills Self Because She Was Unmarried, Childless & Almost 30

29 Year Old Woman Kills Self Because She Was Unmarried, Childless & Almost 30

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A 29-year-old woman who was apparently suffering from depression due to her mother’s death and failed past relationships, committed suicide after feeling unaccomplished because she was about to turn 30 and was still unmarried and childless.

She also felt insecure that her siblings were doing better than her, possibly because they had started their own families.

The deceased, Rachel Gow, who is from the UK, took her own life two months before her 30th birthday after a fight with her boyfriend, 30-year-old Anton Tsvarev, Daily Mail reports.

Her family revealed that her greatest wish was to settle down and get married.

Gow’s family and loved ones say she was happy and easygoing, but her mother’s death greatly affected her. She died at age 66 after a multiple-year battle with cancer.

Sources also state that Gow seemed to be happy with Tsvavrev, but due to past failed relationships and her mother’s death, she constantly feared he would leave her, and this often led to fights between the couple. She had visited a psychologist several times for counseling.

The couple’s last disagreement before Gow’s death stemmed from trust issues. She had seen text messages on Tsvarev’s phone from another woman, and she became unhappy and agitated. Tsvavrev reportedly tried to calm her down, stating that the text messages were innocent. However, she was very upset and told Tsvavrev to leave their home.

Intending to give her a chance to calm down, Tsvavrev left the house for the night. While he was away, she sent him a text message, stating that she wished him all the best in the future.

When he returned, he found her lifeless body on the floor of their home.

An autopsy revealed that she died from hypoxia – inadequate oxygen.





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