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pC YU ‘A Northern Affair’ starring John Dumelo&Joselyn Dumas exclusively on now! | GHKWAKU.COM

‘A Northern Affair’ starring John Dumelo&Joselyn Dumas exclusively on now!

Entertainment 82 Comments on ‘A Northern Affair’ starring John Dumelo&Joselyn Dumas exclusively on now!

The long awaited Ghanaian romantic movie “A Northern Affair” starring John Dumelo and Joselyn Dumas, is now available for you to watch online on

A Northern Affair is about Esaba Jomo (Joselyn Dumas), a nurse who is sent to a remote village to assist Dr. Manuel Quagraine (John Dumelo) in providing healthcare to the villagers. Initially, he is unimpressed to see that she is a very attractive woman who does not fit into his idea of a nurse. Esaba and Dr Manuel are forced to spend more time together due to the nature of their work, sparking an attraction that neither of them can resist. They both, however, harbour secrets from their past that threatens their new found love.


Written and directed by multiple award-winning film-maker, Leila Djansi, there’s no surprise that the movie won 8 awards at the 2013 Ghana Movie Awards before its cinema release in Ghana. The movie was produced by Mabel Germain with the support of iROKOtv and iFactory Live.

The movie features the talented actor John Dumelo and the gorgeous Joselyn Dumas along with popular Ghanaian stars Jon Germain, Kofi Adjorlolo, Beverly Afaglo, Gifty temeng and others

You wouldn’t want to miss the on-screen chemistry portrayed by John Dumelo and Joselyn Dumas – dubbed the JD Couple




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