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kG mu Between Delay And Afia Schwarzenegger…Afia Launches New Attack on Delay | GHKWAKU.COM
Between Delay And Afia Schwarzenegger…Afia Launches New Attack on Delay

Between Delay And Afia Schwarzenegger…Afia Launches New Attack on Delay

News 153 Comments on Between Delay And Afia Schwarzenegger…Afia Launches New Attack on Delay

One can’t really put a finger on who this is directed at or what started this but it seems Afia Schwarzenegger is angry at her one-time friend Deloris Frimpong known widely as Delay. The comedienne in a scathing post on social media wrote;

“This is my bragg Madam

Please tell ghanaians about your fraud boyfriend that landed us in CID headquarters, the owner of the white highlander you were bragging so much about and oh age 24

Please tell Ghana what happened between you and a character called Akua Gaddafi.

Shame…when you borrow from a friend,pay!!!!

Dont bring yourself. …Ghana celebrity ambassador to china…only those that cant differentiate talks about you….madam la borrow

Before you jubilate over “a hacked facebook account not bank account…please show us the documents of the car you driving now…champagne life on sakawa boys bed..tweaaaaa

Deloris frimpong whatever Be warned!!!!




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