EL: I had to diversify to succeed

EL: I had to diversify to succeed

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EL on his media run promoting his BAR concert that happens today at the World Trade Center here in Accra explained his “I had to sell out // before I started selling// lyrics to J.O.E.L on YFM’s Dryve of Ur Lyf.

The rapper who left his Hip-Hop lane to make Azonto and Afrobeats music said; “Personally, we have been doing Hip-hop from the beginning with Jayso, Jay Town, Ball J, Nana Poku and others. We started rapping from way back, but when you are rapping and you are not able to eat off the rap, then you need to start to think.

“I realized there was a whole market out who could experience what I can do. So I had to diversify. I had to make music that they could also relate too but once they gathered around and were interested in what I had to say, then I flip the switch and get back to the Hip-hop.

“It’s personal and that’s how I had to do to get people to pay attention to my music and it worked but I’m not saying it’s going to work for other people. So, they also need to find a way to make it happen for them.

“It wasn’t easy because my boys were wondering why the sudden switch to One Ghana, Aunty Martha, Obuumor and more.

“But what I do is that, whether I’m doing an Azonto track or whatever track, I make sure I rap. I do this because I respect the art.”




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