‘I pray Yvonne Nelson marries me’- Bismark Nii Odoi

‘I pray Yvonne Nelson marries me’- Bismark Nii Odoi

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Actor Bismark Nii Odoi, popularly known as Bismark The Joke, has opened up on acting, revealing that he is secretly in love with fashionable actress Yvonne Nelson.

He told NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo that he would propose to the actress and if she didn’t accept him, he would pray and fast for 40 days to win her love.

According to Bismark who recently featured in Yvonne’s movie, If Tomorrow Never Comes, he has always admired Yvonne.

How did you get into acting?

I was doing set and props designing and one day director Pascal Amanfo gave me a scene to play; and this is where I am today.

In which of the movies and what year?

For Better For War in 2011; and it was produced by Gupado films.

For those who don’t know about props, what does it involve?

When we say props it means items used in films or any production work like guns, food, etc.

Does it mean you have interest in acting?

Yes, because I started acting when I was in secondary school. So when I completed I started with some productions but it didn’t work; then I decided to join the crew. I started working as props assistant. I did a lot of productions with my boss. Later, he said he was not interested in it anymore so I became my own boss by the grace of God and some of the actors.

Acting in school, was it with a group and which school?

Yes, the school drama group of St Francis Secondary Technical, Akim Oda. I was the first person to take an award for the first play we did in school. I played the role of Oda house boy.

Acting and props, which is more difficulty to do and why?

For me props; because it’s too stressful for me. But I love acting so much so I don’t get tired when doing what I love doing—that’s acting.

So how many movies so far and you tell us some of them?

Can’t really count but I’m sure it’s over 15 or 20. Single Six, Turn Me On, Bachelors, Devil In A Dress, Accra Runs, Cheaters Book1&2, What My Wife Doesn’t Know, Sisters At War, Last Word (London), Bismark The Joke (London) and If Tomorrow Never Comes.

Which is your favourite character that you performed in these movies and any reason for it?

Hmmm! My favourite? I can’t choose because I love every character I play in a movie. I say that because whenever I’m on set acting, I do it as if that’s my first time acting so I do it with all my heart.

But do you have specific roles that you enjoy?

Ghetto boy, house boy. I like being myself in a movie.

How about the comedy thing; how did it come up?

I studied the industry and decided to come up like that to make my act different.

How difficult is it to act funny?

It is not difficult if it is natural; but it is difficult if you are trying to be like someone. For me it is not difficult at all because it’s part of me. Just that I don’t display it anyhow.

Who is Bismark?

Bismark is me. I am from La, but stayed in different places in Accra—like Kaneshie, Nungua, etc. I am 100% Ga. I attended Rev Thomas Clegg Memorial Kaneshie (JHS) and St Francis Secondary Technical.

Married ?

I am single.

But do you admire somebody?

Yes, Yvonne Nelson.

What do you admire about her?

I like her way of doing things. She’s a strong, pretty woman and she’s a go getter. I will do 40 days fasting and pray hard for her to be my future wife.

Who are your favourite actors in the industry?

Adjetey Annan and Majid Michel.

Would you share with me what you learnt from them?

That’s my secret please. If I let it out someone can take it.

How did you get to be part of Yvonne Nelson’s new production?

I have been working for her for so long. Almost all her movies she has done I am the brain behind the set designing and props. She knows what I can do when it comes to acting so she contacted me and told me she has a role for me in her upcoming movie.

Saw you smoking in the movie. Do you smoke?

No no no! I don’t. It is just an act please.

For the benefit of those who are yet to see the movie, tell me about your role?

I played the role of a gangster in a ghetto doing anything to survive.

Any learning experiences from the set?

I always learn from people I work with, not only on that set. But on this set, the title alone makes me think a lot—if tomorrow never comes.

Do you have favourite scenes in there and what are you telling people who are yet to see the movie?

What I learnt is, you just have to be on point every day. They should go watch; it is a great story. My favourite scenes are my scenes.

Any last words?

I thank everyone who has supported me in any way. God bless them all.




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