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Ph hV JUST IN : SHATTA WALE TOPS BASS AWARDS NOMINATIONS + FULL LIST | GHKWAKU.COM


Over 20 categories put together for the Bass awards 2014, the official launch came off today (May 30th) at the Z-Bar in accra- Ghana. Shatta Wale who was the Artiste of the Year for VGMA had the highest bid with 6 nominations in varied categories. 

After grueling sessions of debates and collating data of the BASS Awards committee finally dropped the full list of nominees as stated below. Main Awards night would be on August 30, 2014. But the Nominees jam comes a week ahead of the main awards night (August 23th, 2014). BASS Awards is a joint Reggae/Dancehall awards scheme powered by Rackus Productions, Solid Multimedia and BullHaus Entertainment.

Bass Awards Nominees List :

Jah Wyz – My Life
A K Songstress – The Empress

Buju Stinjo – Badder Than Them

Shatta Wale
Ras Kuuku

Akesse Brempong – Crazy Love
Nii Soul – Count It All Joy
Jay Shady – Bestest Friend
Jael Wiafe – Don’t Give Up

Buk Bak – Mama Cry No More
Blakk Rasta – Iyawata
Iwan – Chant A Song
Jah Wadada – Loving you
Konkarah – Rise
Ras Kuuku – Father
Tinny – Mi Love You
Tsidifari – Black Stars
Jedu B. Ambuley – Doesn’t Matter

StoneBwoy – Give It To Them
Shatta Wale – Enter The Net
Jupitar – Freaky Girl

Episode – Turn Up
Fuse ODG – Badder Than Bad
Shatta Wale – Enter The Net
StoneBwoy – Give It To Them
Juitar – Freaky Girl

Blakk Rasta – Eager To See Mandela
Papa Jingo – Yen Ye Baako
Episode – Mandela
Na U – Kudo Ghana
Tsidifari – Black Stars

D2 ft. Shatta Wale – Fever
Edem ft. StoneBwoy – Go Harder
Episode ft.Edem – Circumstance
Method Ranking ft. StoneBwoy – Wind Up
Sarkodie ft. Banky W – Pon Di Thing
Shatta Wale ft.D Black – Ina The Party
Trade Mark ft. Natural Face – Mi Girl Nie
Wiyaala ft. Jupitar – Rock Ma Body

Samson Quaye (Poncho)
Consular Hayes
Simple Man Kante

MzVee – Borkor Borkor
Wiyaala – Rock My Body

Smirnoff And Guiness Riddim
Kulcha Riddim

Iwan – Omega Rise
AK Songstress – Empress
Jupitar – Money Box
Shatta Wale – Like My Thing
Natural Face – Burn Dutty Mind
Sarkodie/Banky W – Pon Di Thing
Wiyaala/Jupitar – Rock Ma Body
MzVee – Borkor Borkor

Buk Bak – Mama Cry No More
Jah Ambar – Eye Wunkoaa
Luther – Judge Not
Nature – Chameleon Love
Tsidifari – Black Stars

Na U – Believe In Me
Konkarah – Rise Up
Ras KuuKu – Father
Jon Germain – Still Love You
Blakk Rasta – Iyawata

Genius Selection

Shatta Wale
Ras KuuKu

Blakk Rasta ft. Lami – Iyawata
Kiki Jail ft. Shatta Racko – Me And You
Papa Jingo ft. Temp – Yen Ye Baako
Lingua Cat ft. Jah Amba – Makooma
Ras KuuKu ft. Norris Man – Give Thanks

Ras KuuKu – Father
Blakk Rasta – Iyawata
Iwan – Chant A Song


Buk Bak – Mama Cry no more
Konkarah – Rise 
Ras Kuuku – Father
Tsidifari – Ghana
Ras Bomber – Danqua Circle

Jesse Jagz
Alpha Blondy




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